About Us

We Love Honey Bees

Our goal is to provide support, outstanding service and affordable products to people like you that have a desire and natural curiosity about beekeeping. Our Beginner Kits Include task-specific workshops to help you navigate through your first year and beyond. We'd love to help you get started in your journey. And don't worry, we'll "Bee" around when you need us!

We've been keepin' bees for over 20 years. We try to fight the good fight to keep our bees healthy and strong. We're forever learning new methods and techniques, and passing them on to you.

It can be a challenge. We have to stop seeing beekeeping in terms of success or failure. We fail when we give up... the bees will fail if we give up. Let's all work to become good stewards of the art and craft of beekeeping.


We're Beekeepers Too!

The Mission & the Passion of Vermont Beekeeping Supply, LLC is to Go Above & Beyond of What You Will Find with the Larger Supply Companies. We Want ALL Beekeepers to Believe in Themselves! Everyone has Heard About the Struggle of the Honey Bee.   We Strive to Help As Many People as Possible to Become Happy & Confident Beekeepers! ​All the More to Help Save the Honey Bee!

What We Do

We're Located in Central Vermont. Marke & I Build Many of the Hive Components in Our Shop From Locally Resourced White Pine. Our Workshops Are Hands - On & Open to Anyone That Wants to Attend. We Keep the Time Open Ended So Everyone Can Ask Questions & Talk About Beekeeping.