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Honey Supers & Hive Kits


Time to Get Ready for Spring!  How About Shallow Hive Bodies for Honey Production? Maybe This is the Year to Try Your Hand at Honey Comb Production...! We have Shallow Honey Super Bundles on SALE for $25.00!! Your Choice of 8 or 10 Frame Set Up, Frames & Wired with Hook Foundation.  Upgrade to Ultra Thin Foundation for Honey Comb for $12.50. Un-Assembled & Pick Up Only, SO BE SURE TO SELECT PICK UP WHEN YOU CHECK OUT! Otherwise, you'll pay shipping & still have to pick up your order.

AND...If You're Just Starting Out or You're Wanting to Expand Your Bee Yard, Go to The COUPON Section Under Shop & Enter BEEZ13 in the Coupon Code at Check Out & Get a HONEY of a Surprise!!  10%OFF!! 

NEW FOR 2019



If you have been thinking about keeping bees for awhile but still want to figure out if it's right for you, sign up for our Apprenticeship Program! Classroom time then out to the apiary for some real hands on experience! Buzz over to the Store for details. Programs are LIMITED, so sign up SOON! We expect these to fill up quickly! Scroll to the Bottom of This Home page for the Calendar & Schedule!

New Beginner & Add On Kits


A couple of add-on's with our Beginner Kits! No more running around trying to find nails & glue to bring to your Assembly Workshop! We're including a "Goody Bag"! Go to the Shop page to see the details! Recipes, a First Year Calendar & a few other surprises!

About Us

We Love Honey Bees


  •  Our goal is to provide support, outstanding service and affordable products to people like you that have a desire & natural curiosity about beekeeping! Our Beginner Kits include workshops to help guide you thru your first year & beyond.  We welcome & guide about 100 people like you every year starting their Beekeeping Journey. We'd love to help get your started on your journey! And don't worry, We'll "bee" around when you need us! 
  • We've been keepin' bees for about 20 years. We try to fight the good fight every season to keep our Bees healthy & strong. It can be a challenge. The Bees are fighting against odds that would render us lowly humans to ashes, yet they keep trying. We MUST do the same! It's crucial that we STOP keeping bees in terms of success & failure. We fail when we give up...the Bees will fail if we give up. Let's all become good stewards of the art & craft of BEEKEEPING!!

We're Beekeepers Too


  The mission & the passion of Vermont Beekeeping Supply, LLC is to go above & beyond of what you will find with the larger supply companies. When you're having doubts & concerns on a Saturday night at 9pm, you can call us! If we're home, we'll talk to you! We want ALL beekeepers to believe in themselves! Everyone has heard about the struggle of the honey bee.   We hope to help as many people as possible to become beekeepers!  ‚ÄčAll the more to help save the Honey Bee!  

What We Do


We're located almost smack-dab in the middle in of Vermont! That's about an hour and a half from all points in VT.  Marke & I build alot of the pieces & parts for Beehives. Our Lids are cut a little larger & our Inner Covers have shims that hold the Lid up to allow for passive ventilation year 'round.  We build 2 different types of Bottom Boards too. Solid Bottoms to encourage the Queen to lay all the way on the bottoms of the frames. And Screened Bottom Boards with an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Board. It's another tool to help manage those evil Mites!

Shop Hours

Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday CALL AHEAD 802-433-9897

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Thursday - CLOSED

Always call ahead!! 

If we're home, we're open but we always close at 7pm. Hours will be on the answering machine if we can't get to the phone.

Internet Orders are ready for pick up within 36 hours as long as items are in stock. Call us for details!


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All of The Classes & Workshops Will Be at Our Shop & Bee Yard at 550 VT Rte 64, Williamstown, VT

February 17 Sunday 10am - 2pm Hive Assembly & Painting

April 28 Sunday 10am - 2pm  Preparation and Installation of Bee Packages

May 3 Friday 1pm - 4pm First Inspection/Queen Release

May 18 Saturday 1pm - 4pm & May 26 Sunday 1pm - 4pm Hive Inspections & Supering

June 8 Saturday 10am - 2pm 2nd Inspection / Mite Check

June 22 Saturday 10am - 2pm Inspection / Mite Check & Treatment

June  30 Sunday 10am - 2pm Inspection / Supering / Mite Check

July 13 Saturday 10am - 2pm Swarm Check / Inspection / Supering

July 21 Sunday 10am - 2pm Mite Check & Treatment / Inspection 

August 3 Saturday 10am - 2pm Inspection / Possible Harvest 

August 11 Sunday 10am - 2pm Inspection / Mite Check / Swarm Check

August 24 Saturday 10am - 2pm Inspection / Mite Check & Treatment / Fall Evaluation 

September 7 Saturday 10am - 2pm Inspection / Hive Body Reversal / Robbing & Mouse Prevention / Feeding

September 21 Saturday 10am - 2pm Fall Evaluation / Feeding / Mite Check & Treatment

October 6 Sunday 10am - 2pm Season Evaluation / Feeding 

There will be more dates for more conversation & classroom time but the weather now will determine what we need to to do to the hives and when we get to do it!  

Winterizing Class will be weather determined but plan for the last weekend in October til the day before Thanksgiving.