What’s To Do Now?

Lot’s of Things, Really. Think About Expanding Your Bee Yard. Get Building & Painting. Sit in on a Few Webinars. Websites like Eventbrite Have a Bunch on Beekeeping. Dr Tom Seeley has a couple in February!

Good Times! We Made it Thru the Holiday Season, so Let’s Get Together…Sort of! I Really Miss Sitting Around with You All! But Zoom Will Have to Do for Now. Jot Down a Few Things You’d Like to Visit About. I Want to Talk About Robbing & What to do to Combat it. Invitation Link is at the End of This Email.

Bee Packages Have Sold Extremely Well and We’re Off to a Good Start With New Beekeepers Too. We Always Look Forward to The Farm Show to Really Launch Our Sales But That Won’t Happen This Year. Marke & I will Take a Weekend or Two & Do Our Own Version of the 251 Club! Hang Up Some Flyers & Hand Out Business Cards. Hey, if Anyone Would Like to Hang a Few Posters for Us, That Would be a Big Help! And a Little “Thank you” Gift for Anyone that Helps! Send Me an Email with Your Mailing Address & I’ll Send a Few Little Posters to Ya! We Try to Hit Feed Stores, Garden Centers, even the Ad Boards in the Convenience Stores. Use Your Imaginations!

We’re Offering Site Visits This Year to New Beekeepers. We’ve Had Some Requests in the Past So We Thought We’d Offer One Visit at No Cost within a 60 Mile Radius of Our Place. And While We’re at it, Let’s Extend This Offer to New Beekeepers From 2020! I’d Like to Do Several Site Visits That Are in Close Proximity to Each Other in One Shot. Let’s Start a Sign Up Now & I Can Send Out Schedules In the Spring.

Don’t Forget the Complete Hive Kit. All the Pieces & Parts for a New Hive AND it’s ASSEMBLED for You! Buy Bees - Saskatraz or Italian - with the Kit & Save on the Price of the Package.

Thanks Everyone! Hope You “Zoom” in on January 20th at 6pm!

Keep More Bees!