Beekeeper Ready - Apiary Set Up Service

Beekeeper Ready - Apiary Set Up Service

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This Service requires a contract. Please contact us to talk about all your options.

Pricing is to be tailored to what you want!

Yard will Measure approx. 10' x 12'

Fence Posts – Wire – Insulators – Gate Handles – Grounding Rod & Wire – Solar Fencer-  Hive Stands. 2 Complete Hives Assembled & Painted with Bees. 

Hives to Include Solid Bottom Board, 2 Deep Hive Bodies w/ Frames & Foundation, 1 Medium Super w/ Frames & Foundation, Inner Cover, Lid. Upgrade to

2 - 3lb Packages of Honey Bees with Mated Queens, One Jacket, One Pair of Gloves, Smoker, Hive Tool, Beginner Book, Beginner Class & Workshops

Add $150.00 for Fence Expansion to Accommodate Each Additional Hive.

Add $575.00 for Each Additional Complete Assembled Hive & Bees

This package is available for a maximum of 70 miles from our location. 

Add $475.00 for Yards more than 35 miles from Vermont Beekeeping Supply.

Add $650.00 for Yards 36 - 70 miles from our location.