How To Build A Sugar Board

Sugar Board


Start with a 1" shim & 1/2" hardware cloth stapled to the bottom....or buy one from our Shop!

Tissue Paper


Next lay down some plain tissue paper. Leave about an inch around the frame so the girls have an easier time getting to the food. I like to save a few sheets from my wax foundation! You can use plain newspaper too. Try to stay away from colored ink.

Add a Pollen Pattie


Put a pollen pattie on what will be the end of the board facing the front of the hive. You might only have room for half a pattie..that's ok.

Lay Down Some Sugar


Now, start the sugar layers. Turn a plastic cup upside down to align with the hole in the Inner Cover. When your layers are done, remove the cup & poke holes thru the tissue paper. Gotta keep the air circulating!

Spritz Spritz Spritz


I use about a tablespoon of ProHealth in my 1 - 1 syrup to spritz my sugar layers. Wicked good for the girl's bellies!! 

Ready to Go


Again, remove the cup & poke holes in the tissue paper for ventilation. This is pretty much what your sugar board should look like. The Sugar Board sits on top of the frames on the top box. Then the Inner Cover & Lid

How To make A Pollen Patty

Gather Your Stuff


We like Bee-Pro. It's a pollen substitute but it won't ferment or get stale. Bees like it just fine!

Or as the Chef's say,


Make your liquid some 1:1 syrup & add some Pro Health for some added digestive benefits. 

Mis en Plas ...everything in Place!


I make a little tonic to help fight diarrhea & nosema. Recipe will be posted soon!

Ready To Mix!


Big bowl, spoon, nitrile gloves, wax paper & some small, shallow aluminum pans.

Spoon out Pollen Powder


You can throw the spoon away now....!!

Mush It Up with Your Hands


Oh yeah!! This is what I'm talking about!

Cookie Dough


But it's not so don't lick your fingers!

Pack It In The Tins


Line the foil pan with piece of wax paper & mash the mixture into the pan.

Ain't It Purdy?


Cover the patty with another piece of wax paper & flip the whole thing over so the patty comes out of the pan.

Make a Bunch


Make as many as you need. Put them in an air tight container & keep them where it's cool-ish. 

Ready to add to your Sugar Board


Leave the wax paper on the patty. The hive is warm & it will turn the patty into a puddle = kill bees!

It's a Bee Buffet


Cut slits thru the top wax paper and add to your sugar board.

If you're feeding for spring build up, you can lay the pattys on top of the brood frames! 

Keep More Bees!!